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GC Office Fitouts

Your Business Needs An Office That Inspires…

And Attracts Talent.

We specialize in beautiful office fitouts for Gold Coast businesses in Small to Medium sized office spaces.

An office that is a pleasure to come to each day does wonders for team morale, collaboration and productivity.  

Beyond Gold Coast office fitouts for small to mid sized offices we also specialize in large office fitouts, home office fitouts, medical, laboratory & dental office fitouts. 

We also have a team dedicated to Bar & shop fitouts.

If you’re wondering what can be made of your current work space or one your planning on moving into, contact our team today. 

Our award winning office fitout professionals can start to paint the picture of what your new office will look like and how much better it will be to work in it. 


Small Office Furbishment_Desks And Chairs
Small Office Fitout Completed On The Gold Coast
Bar Fitout Project In Australia

Office Fitouts Gold Coast

With “Work From Home” gaining in popularity it has never been more important to have an office space that your team want to be in each day. Furthermore an office needs to promote collaboration and effective communication through a good use of available space and technology. 

When you build your office to the requirements of your business you can essentially ensure these things. An office fitout is an investment in the health and growth of your company.  

Office Refurbishment

Gold Coast Office Fitouts transform dull & unattractive spaces into gorgeous, inspiring offices that boost staff morale. 

We have earned a reputation for completing projects on time & within budget. Top-Quality Commercial office refurbishments

Make-Good Projects

Don’t forgo large security deposits. Return your office to an acceptable condition in accordance with the terms of your lease agreement for minimal cost. 

We’re an office fitout company that focuses on efficient and fast make-good projects because we focus on being your fitout company of choice for all projects. .

Office Furniture Fitout

The cream to your office refurbishment. We source office furniture that expresses what your brand is all about and extols your new office fitout. Our purchasing power means we source the furniture at the best prices available—chairs, sofas, partitions, desks, meeting tables & all that heaps praises on your office.

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A White-Glove Office Refurbishment All The Way To Your New Office

Inspiration & Design


We are dedicated to having the best hands and minds working on your projects, so we hire the best commercial interior designers, mostly award-winning experts. We are insistent on offering the finest office fitout and refurbishment service.

We begin your office refurbishment plans by understanding your expectations and desires before you are assigned the best office refurbishment contractor and team.

Project Manage & Create


An essential aspect of our office fitout services is project management. An enjoyable client experience in the delivery of your commercial office fitout is only achieved with the very best project management team and systems. 

An added benefit of our excellent project management is that we stay on time and within budget.

Move In & Flourish


The only thing left for you to do is move into your new office fit-out. You can now start to enjoy you new, well used space.

The natural light, top of the line technology and office furniture that beautifies your new office fitout.

Don’t be surprised when staff morale, attendance, teamwork, and productivity increases in your newly renovated office.

Chat with our team to explore your new office possibilities


We start with an exploratory discussion around your current office’s challenges and shortcomings.

If you have ideas for your new office we’d love to hear them at this stage.


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Client Testimonials

“My team could not be happier. They are dying to come back to our office having spent time working from home during COVID. “

Patrick Thomson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“New Office Fitout pros for sure. We wanted to improve the our new office before we moved in. The C-suite is very happy with the investment”

Brenna Redding

Take The First Step To Your New Office

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Some of Our Past Office Fitout Clients

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Small Office Refurbishment Project In The Gold Coast


Small Office Fitouts

We are the best when it comes to small office fitouts in Gold Coast. This is because it has been our primary focus since we started out. We have built a team of highly skilled space designers and project managers.

Maximizing a small office space is more complicated than refurbishing a large office mainly because you need space designers who can satisfy all our client’s demands despite the little room available.

Do you occupy a small to medium-sized office for your business? Reach out to our team of small office fit-out specialists for an  consultation; let us show you how we can help redefine your space.


Health & Medical Office Refurbishment

Simplistic and dull designs no longer suffice for medical and health facilities. Patients and clients have higher expectations these days when they come to visit. Redefine your space, entice new clients and keep your paying clients coming back.


Medical Office Reception After A Refurbishment
Bar Fitout In The Gold Coast

bar | Retail

Bar Fitouts | Retail Store Fitouts

Most local Bars and Private Retails Stores are run razor thin margins. We keep this in mind when dealing with our clients, which is a key reason why we have earned a reputation in this sector. 

Our team of Bar and Shop fitouts experts can design glamorous and irresistible stores and bars with a limited budget that you will have customers clamoring to come back to. 

Shop and Bar fitouts Gold Coast done right. We are the heart of the Gold Coast; we create spaces locals love.  

We'd Love To Discuss Your New Office Ideas

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 Dental Office Fit-outs

All over the Gold Coast Office, we have noticed an increase in demand for Dental fitouts.

Dentists understand that  patients are increasingly considering the aesthetics and charm of their chosen dentist. A striking dental office can be a genuine source of competitive advantage.

Dental Office Fitout
Lecture Theatre In Bond University

Public Sector

Government & Education

The days of dull and uninspiring government offices and education facilities are behind us.

It has been statistically proven that students and employees perform best when working or learning in spaces they find enjoyable and comfortable to be in.  

Our team of specialists has completed numerous projects education projects, particularly school and university fitouts.

Our offering includes procuring classroom furniture, building noiseless study rooms, and sturdy room-dividers, all on a budget.


Laboratory Fitouts

you work in a laboratory, you understand that where items are stored, and their safe storage is absolutely critical. 

We are familiar with the nuances involved with equipping a lab or research centre so that it helps lead to more discoveries and progress.

Laboratory In Bond University
Empty Office After Make-Good


Industrial & Commercial Make-Good Projects

You can make the better use of storage facilities, warehouses, and factories when a space is planned around your business and is designed with your specific operations in mind. 

Our office fitout Gold Coast team are pros when it comes to industrial projects. 

If you are in need of a make-good project, we have a team who do only this. Return office to a condition that allows you to get your deposit back and minimal expense.


Home Office Fitouts

Home office Fitout experts across Gold Coast. Our primary focus as Small office Fitout professionals translates very well into the home study space. 

If you work remotely, you have figured out by now just how critical a comfortable and well equipped home work space really is.

Home Office Fitout In The Gold Coast

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Office

 We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields. Whether we’re talking about  small to medium sized office refurbishments, large corporate office spaces, bar and retail fit outs, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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